Youtube Video: The Destruction of China’s Yuanmingyuan


In the comment section of the Documentary above, I found even more recent examples of the continued relevance of the destruction of the Old Summer Palace and the 12 Zodiac Fountainheads.

(My apologies for the low brightness of the screenshots for this – I had some technical difficulties getting these)


Comment 9


The original comment by elescoum inspires a long thread of comments, mmost including arguments about ‘whose fault it was’, ‘who should take responsibility’ and the validity of someone’s opinion based upon either where they live or where their parents came from.


Another large area of contention is Tibet, the topic of which comes up throughtout the comments to follow.


(WARNING: Some of the following content may be considered offensive, including the use of swearing and the insulting of specific ethnicities)

Comment 10

(TRANSLATION NOTE: I have tried to translate the Chinese at the end, but have not been able to come up with anything concrete. The most I have is ‘Back home’ and possibly something about his mother.)

As we can see above, ‘Tim Lau‘ appears to be extremely passionate about the topic, and is very defensive against what he perceives to be insults against the Chinese.


Comment 11

(TRANSLATION NOTE: The French at the end appears to mean something along the lines of this: I can also write in a language that you do not understand, you liar! If you think that you are superior, you are wrong, you are just a human being! It is the only thing we have in common.)

The discussion continues to go back and forth, both attempting to assert that what they believe to be true as more correct than the others.


The rest of the comments first degrades into insults before continuing to discuss which country is more to blame – England and France for invading China in the past? Or China for not splitting along territorial boundaries.

Side-Note: The comment sections also includes various posts by ‘PRETTY SO’, asserting that much of Korean history is “Korean propoganda fake history and traditional culture for human .¬† Korean history distortion¬† IT’S SUPER SHAME ON KOREAN!!!”, which, while not directly related to the Zodiac heads, is an interesting read by what appears to be a ‘fenqing’.


I leave you with a final comment by Vivian L.



Comment 12