The Haiyantang Zodiac Heads – Conclusion

Through investigating the question of whether the destruction of Yuanmingyuan in 1860 is still relevant within contemporary discussion in social media, I found that yes, it is.

I focused upon the 12 Zodiac Fountainheads that once adorned the water clock fountain in Haiyantang, and it is obvious to me that it is an issue that, to today, is close to the hearts of the Chinese people. It regularly comes up in discussion about other topics, such as DVD piracy, or talks about traditional culture, as it is something so highly treasured and yearned for.


Whether the rest of the fountainheads will one day return to China is yet to be seen, but from what I have seen and researched, I feel that a deep rooted sense of discontentment will remain within the hearts of many, both Chinese and not, until they do.


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