Blog Post: ‘The Search for the 12 Missing Chinese Zodiac Antiquities of China’

Firstly, let’s look at the comments posted on a blog post titled ‘The Search for the 12 Missing Chinese Zodiac Antiquities of China’.

The post gives an overview of what the 12 Zodiac statues are, what happened to them during the destruction of Yuanmingyuan/The Summer Palace, and what the current status of the statues are.

While most comments centre around a shared interest in Chinese artifacts and where to find more information in relation to these, some do address the topic at hand, for example:

Comment 1


Comment 2

The comment by Wealthmadehealthy suggests that people find the fact that the statues have not been returned to be an issue of contention, and something they disapprove of. This is furthered by BkCreative’s – the author of the post – mentioning of ‘the West’, suggesting an anti-Western sentiment in regards to this topic.

Converesely, Ding Yi’s comment shifts the perspective back onto the Chinese government by comparing the loss of the 12 statues to all that was lost during the cultural revolution. This suggests a more pro-Western approach, and a sort of ‘yes, they stole that which was yours, but what you did to yourself was worse so why is this even an issue anymore?’ train of thought, if I’m reading this correctly.


Even just from these two comments, it can be seen how there are two main perspectives towards the issue – either that the Chinese are the rightful owners of the statues and as such they should be returned to them, or that they should remain in the possession of those who currently have them.


What do you think?



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